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Tegant VPN - Reliable, Fast, and Secure

Tegant gives you free access to blocked websites and services on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Tegant is considered as the best VPN in 2021.

Our Core Features

Bypass Censorship

Tegant uses two VPN protocols to break internet censorship. If fast-mode does not work in your country, simply switch to safe-mode.

Watch Geo Restricted Videos

Tegant unblocks video streaming content for internet users outside its country of origin. You can watch US shows on YouTube while outside the country.

Great UK Customer Support

Email us at [email protected] at any time. We vow to respond to your query within just a few hours.

Stay Safe

Tegant uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption to hide your internet traffic. We encrypt your password with the award-winning Argon2 algorithm.

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Stay Anonymous

Tegant hides your IP address. This ensures your anonymity, meaning nobody can track the websites you visit or find out where you are located.

Unblock Audio/Video Calls

WhatsApp or Skype are blocked in some countries, for example, the UAE. With our safe mode enabled you can call home to speak with your loved ones.

German Engineering

While we take pride in Tegant being ‘Made in the UK’, we highly value the powerful German engineering behind it.

Fast Servers

Each of our VPN servers is optimised to run blitz fast. We utilise a smart algorithm to spread the traffic evenly on our servers.

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Why Choose Tegant VPN?

Tegant Safe Mode

Our safe mode is unbreakable

Certain countries block popular VPNs automatically via deep packet inspections. In order to work around this, we have made a second VPN protocol that we call the safe mode. The safe mode utilises a unique encryption to hide the signature of your internet packets. This ensures that their deep packet inspection cannot identify that you are using a VPN, and therefore they will not be able to block you.

The safe mode is now fully optimised. We have increased the pool of safe mode servers globally in 2021. Currently, the safe mode is only available to our premium subscribers.

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Vpn work perfectly for iPhone in UAE and even if there is any problem, they respond to the email quickly. And they are very helpful and kind.



AppStore - 30 Jun 2021

Tegant is the best VPN I have ever used. Easy connectivity, fast servers, etc. and the most amazing thing is the customer complaints are taken in a serious note and resolved on priority.



AppStore - 22 Oct 2020

This is the best VPN app I ever had. Highly recommended to use especially it is having a very friendly support team who is very proactive whenever any problem comes up.



AppStore - 30 Jun 2021




AppStore - 22 Jul 2020

If you find a better vpn let me know. Its been the best for me last 3 years.



AppStore - 10 Dec 2020

Best vpn app in the world.



AppStore - 30 May 2020