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Tegant VPN - Reliable, Fast, and Secure

Conquer Censorship with Tegant VPN – Pioneering XRay Protocol VPN for unrestricted access in China, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Experience Blazing Speeds on our 10Gbps servers for flawless streaming, gaming, and video calls.

Tegant offers free access to blocked websites and services on iPhone, Android, iPad, or Mac. As one of the few VPN providers supporting both XRay* and Wireguard protocols, we ensure a versatile and secure online experience.

* Xray is currently available exclusively on iPhone and iPad.

What Is Tegant VPN?

Tegant is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, highly regarded for safeguarding personal and business data, and for providing access to geo-restricted content. It’s an essential tool for overcoming content blocks in various locations and is particularly adept at navigating through stringent internet censorship in countries like China, Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

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Exceptional Security and Privacy

Tegant VPN delivers the highest levels of security and privacy. This is ensured through military-grade encryption, a strict no-logging policy, and DNS leak protection. Our extensive global network of servers guarantees fast and reliable connections for uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and secure communication.

For Users in Western Countries

In Western countries, where online privacy concerns are increasingly prevalent, Tegant VPN offers an effective shield against surveillance and data tracking. It protects your online footprint, ensuring that your internet activities remain private and secure from prying eyes.

Illustrating the concept of online privacy and protection in Western countries using Tegant VPN. Show a digital shield, symbolizing defense against surveillance.

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Xray Protocol: Freedom in the East

Tegant VPN’s Xray protocol is designed for Eastern regions with heavy censorship, like China and Iran. It effectively bypasses stringent internet blocks, providing open access to the web. This feature demonstrates our commitment to worldwide internet freedom, ensuring unfettered access for all.

Flexible Service Options

Tegant VPN provides versatile options for users. Our Premium service includes a 3-day trial, granting full access to features like the advanced Xray protocol. The free version maintains essential VPN services but excludes Xray access, offering limited servers and including advertisements for support.

Visualize the flexible service options offered by Tegant VPN. Illustrating the difference between the comprehensive Premium service and the basic, ad-supported free version.

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Which Server Locations Does Tegant Offer?

Tegant VPN boasts a vast network in over 38 countries, featuring servers predominantly equipped with 10Gbps connections and powered by high-performance Ryzen or EPYC CPUs. This ensures swift and reliable online experiences, perfect for streaming, gaming, and secure browsing, no matter where you are.

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Why Choose Tegant VPN?

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When it comes to online privacy and freedom, Tegant VPN stands out as a reliable and innovative choice. Our service is built on the foundation of robust security, featuring military-grade encryption and a strict no-logging policy, ensuring your data remains private and secure.

What sets us apart is our pioneering Xray protocol, specifically designed to circumvent the most stringent internet censorship in countries like China, Iran, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, offering users unfettered access to the global internet. Moreover, our private DNS server utilizing DNS over TLS guarantees protection against DNS leaks, enhancing your online safety.

With Tegant VPN, you’re not just choosing a VPN service; you’re opting for a gateway to a free and open internet, backed by fast and reliable connections via our 10Gbps servers. Whether for bypassing geo-restrictions, safeguarding your online activities, or simply enjoying uninterrupted streaming and gaming, Tegant VPN delivers a versatile and secure online experience.

How Tegant VPN Overcame Emirates Censorship in the UAE

On 7th July 2020, Emirates Telecommunication banned our VPN on their home broadband packages. Naturally, this was a big disappointment for our 53,000 users in the United Arab Emirates. The following days were very stressful for us as we investigated just what we could do to resolve the matter…

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How Tegant vpn overcame government censorship in the uae

Download Tegant VPN for free!

Tegant is free to use. Get started now!

Showing an image depicting the concept of unblocking WhatsApp and FaceTime. They illustrate the breaking of digital barriers with the logos of these communication platforms, set against a backdrop of a global digital network. These visuals convey the idea of overcoming digital restrictions to enable seamless global communication through these popular apps.

Which Server to Pick for WhatsApp/FaceTime?

When it comes to using communication apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime, which are often blocked on public and home networks in restricted countries countries, selecting the right server can make a significant difference. A strategic first choice is to connect to a Tegant VPN server within your own country. This approach typically circumvents the censorship imposed on these apps, while also providing the benefit of faster connection speeds due to the server’s closer proximity.

However, this is not a guaranteed solution for every location. If you encounter restrictions while using a local server, switching to an international Tegant server is your next best option. This ensures you can keep using WhatsApp, FaceTime, and other communication services without interruption, regardless of local internet policies.

What Is a DNS Leak?

A DNS leak is a critical security flaw that can occur when a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service does not completely secure your DNS (Domain Name System) queries. This issue arises when DNS requests are inadvertently sent outside the encrypted VPN tunnel, making them visible to external parties, such as ISPs or potential cyber attackers.

Tegant VPN addresses this vulnerability by implementing a private DNS server that employs DNS over TLS, an advanced protocol ensuring that all DNS queries are encrypted and securely routed. This method not only prevents DNS leaks but also enhances overall privacy and security, keeping your online activities shielded from prying eyes.

By using Tegant VPN, you benefit from this built-in protection against DNS leaks, ensuring your DNS queries remain within the confines of our secure, encrypted tunnel. Our commitment to your online security is further demonstrated through regular DNS leak tests, which are conducted to verify the effectiveness of our DNS protection measures and to maintain the confidentiality of your digital footprint.

Visualizing the concept of a DNS leak in a digital environment by depicting a digital pipeline or tunnel representing internet connection, with glowing data with a breach, symbolizing the leakage of data, set against a dark and ominous background to highlight the risks and vulnerabilities associated with DNS leaks.

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Tegant is free to use. Get started now!

Visualizing the concept of circumventing geo-restrictions in the digital world. Depicting a digital barrier with national flags being bypassed by streams of data or a digital key, set against a global digital network background. These visuals convey the idea of breaking through digital barriers to access unrestricted information worldwide.

How to Circumvent Geoblocking?

Overcoming georestrictions with a VPN is straightforward: simply connect to a server in a region where your desired content is available. By using a VPN, your internet traffic is securely encrypted and rerouted to a server in the location of your choice. This effectively masks your actual location, making it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from the server’s location, thereby unlocking content that might be restricted where you are.

For example, if you’re in a country with internet censorship or blocked sites, connecting to a Tegant VPN server in a more open region allows you to bypass these blocks. You’ll gain access to the content as if you were physically present in that unrestricted country, all while maintaining your online privacy and security.

How to Unblock YouTube?

If YouTube is inaccessible in your region, there are effective ways to unblock it. The most reliable method is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), like Tegant VPN. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in a different location, essentially rerouting your internet traffic through that server. This makes it seem as if you are accessing the internet from that server’s location, which can be instrumental in accessing YouTube in areas where it’s restricted. Simply choose a Tegant VPN server where YouTube is available, and you’ll be able to view content as if you were physically there.

Alternatively, a web proxy can also be used to bypass such restrictions. It acts as a middleman between your device and the internet, enabling access to websites, including YouTube, that may be blocked in your current location. While proxies can provide access, they often lack the security and full functionality of a VPN service.

Illustrating the concept of unblocking YouTube. Showing a digital lock with the YouTube logo being unlocked, set against a vibrant digital landscape, symbolizing the overcoming of restrictions to access online video content.

Download Tegant VPN for free!

Tegant is free to use. Get started now!


Vpn work perfectly for iPhone in UAE and even if there is any problem, they respond to the email quickly. And they are very helpful and kind.



AppStore - 30 Jun 2021

Tegant is the best VPN I have ever used. Easy connectivity, fast servers, etc. and the most amazing thing is the customer complaints are taken in a serious note and resolved on priority.



AppStore - 22 Oct 2020

This is the best VPN app I ever had. Highly recommended to use especially it is having a very friendly support team who is very proactive whenever any problem comes up.



AppStore - 30 Jun 2021




AppStore - 22 Jul 2020

If you find a better vpn let me know. Its been the best for me last 3 years.



AppStore - 10 Dec 2020

Best vpn app in the world.



AppStore - 30 May 2020

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