Why Tegant Is The Best Free VPN

Tegant Best Free VPN - Girl working on laptop Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Tegant is a free VPN service. It’s fast, free, and allows you to unblock websites and stream beyond borders while staying anonymous and safe. Whether you live in a censored country and want to access blocked news and social media, avoid government eavesdropping, or stream videos anywhere on geo-restricted platforms like YouTube and Netflix, Tegant is the best free VPN available.

But hold on - what makes a VPN great, and better or worse than the hundreds of options out there? Here are a few criteria.

Speed - Speed is a critical factor when choosing a VPN. Users want the fastest speeds available, and also the most consistent - they don’t want random slowdowns during a big download.

Technology - Not all VPNs are made equal. There are many different protocols used by VPNs, ranging from the unsafe (PPTP) to the most updated and secure. In addition, different protocols are better suited for different devices - a good VPN uses the right protocol to serve mobile and desktop users on a variety of devices.

Encryption - Data security is critical to VPN users, and encryption is a huge part of keeping the data that passes through a VPN protected. Like protocols, not all encryption standards are made the same. Safe VPNs use stringent encryption standards.

Servers - VPNs use servers to connect users to the Internet. It’s important for VPNs to offer a good number of servers, and to spread users evenly among them to ensure good connection speeds. Another important factor is proximity - a good VPN offers the ability for users to connect to servers closer to their location and browse, stream, and download with faster connection speeds.

Bandwidth limits - Some VPNs impose download and upload limitations - particularly free services. A reliable VPN offers consistent speeds and a guarantee it will be available all the time.

Support - Customer support sometimes gets forgotten, but is an important feature of a reliable VPN. Should issues arise - be they technical, financial, or anything else - accessible and available customer service can improve the VPN experience considerably and get you back online quicker.

With all that in mind, here are a few reasons why Tegant is the best free VPN available:

Tegant Best Free VPN - British Perfection

1) British Perfection, German engineering, and Transparency

Tegant describes itself as proudly designed and made in the UK, and powered by advanced German engineering. Founded in 2011 and located in London, they are ‘Made in UK’. Tegant also describes itself as dedicated to complete transparency about who they are, what they do, the service they offer, and how your data is protected - they strive to be an open company that works with customers instead of a faceless, obscure VPN service.

2) World’s Fastest Connection

VPN’s can be sluggish - not Tegant. Tegant allows you to stream and download lag-free on your iPad or iPhone. You can easily watch TV anywhere in the world with speeds up to 1,000 Mpbs. Tegant connects you with high-speed servers around the world, giving you the option to choose closer ports for faster speeds. Plus: what sets Tegant apart is its smartly-designed algorithms that spread out server traffic evenly to avoid rush hour slowdowns. Other VPNs connect users to servers in a less controlled manner, leaving them prone to sluggish connections and random lags.

3) Serious Protection

Tegant uses cutting-edge VPN technology that protects you from DNS leak threats, unsecured public connections, digital pickpockets, and government eavesdroppers. Our VPN is far more secure than IKEv1, PPTP, and other protocols still used by many other VPNS today, and masks your identity so that you can browse the Internet and remain totally anonymous. It supports 256-bit encryption, including the military-grade AES-256 that Tegant uses. The AES-256 package offers robust and reliable protection by using the most up-to-date, secure technology available.

4) No Sharing - not ‘No Logs’

Many iPhone VPN services falsely claim to a have a ‘no log’ policy. In reality, that’s not really possible, nor advisable: VPNs need logs to support customers in the case of any issues, and they help protect servers from hackers. Tegant is up-front about their log policy: they collect a minimal amount of time logs to enforce fair use policies and prevent fraud. But your online activity is never opened, analyzed, or passed around, and logs are automatically deleted after three months.

5) Reliable free and premium versions

Many VPNs offer free and paid versions of their service, but oftentimes the free version is unreliable, spotty, and comes with many restrictions. Tegant offers its fast, unlimited connection speeds to all users, both free and premium, and uses adverts instead of bandwidth limitations or restricted features for free accounts. Many ‘free’ VPNs don’t require payment, but also don’t offer a practical and reliable service without upgrading - Tegant gives users the options to pay nothing and continue accessing the Internet at consistent and high speeds.

6) Customer support

Tegant offers quick and reliable customer service, available through in-app email support feature, with a turnaround time of a few hours. The company is dedicated to providing customer support for any and all issues, without a big delay, and does an excellent job of upholding their commitment.

7) No Config

With Tegant you can unblock websites without the hassle that often comes along with other VPNs - configuration. Tegant’s VPN proxy requires absolutely no configuration or setup, and you don’t need to provide any personal data to sign up. You get access immediately without needing to struggle to get the software running and your iPhone connected.

For all those reasons, Tegant is worthy of being called the best free VPN available. It’s one of the greatest productivity tools available for your iPhone or iPad, especially for users facing restrictions that prevent them from using the web how they want to. Unblock yourself and enjoy the freedom to connect with the world!