Best Free VPN in 2022

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Many countries in the world do not have free access to the internet. Russia is the latest example of how well-intended world politics can lead to unintended consequences. Western politicians claim that the Russian population is influenced by Russian state propaganda. However, instead of making the flow of information into Russia easier, the sanctions have achieved the exact opposite and have isolated the Russian people even more. The Russian public no longer have any access to international news, which makes them even more susceptible to the news that their state wants them to hear.

The situation is no better in the near east, where the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia prevent their population from accessing the uncensored internet. Similarly, the situation is not much better in the far east, especially in China, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Depending on the economic and moral views of a country’s state towards its population, various services may be blocked such as social media, telecommunications, international news and banking apps. A VPN service can help to circumvent the blockage and give anyone access to the services they would like to use. We have written an extensive story about how Tegant VPN has helped ex-pats in UAE to stay in touch with their loved ones despite the ban on WhatsApp and Skype.

Most branded VPNs such as NordVPN or Express VPN don’t offer a free VPN service. They require the users to pay upfront for a premium VPN service. The irony is that those restrictions prevent the affected population from paying for a VPN service in the first place. Hence, when Tegant started in 2017, it aimed to give uncensored internet access to all those who cannot pay for a premium service.

This, however, is easier said than done; because the maintenance of VPN servers is still costly and Tegant has to pay for it. It is this situation that led Tegant to develop a business model that offers both a free and a premium VPN service. The cost of the free VPN service is partially covered by running advertisements and the remaining costs are absorbed and subsidised through revenue from the premium VPN service. Tegant offers free VPN servers in key locations across the globe and they have turned out to be extremely popular.

Now, let’s go through the level of protection that a VPN service should offer.

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Your internet service provider can see your activities in two ways:

  1. What you are searching for on Google or whatever apps you are opening on your mobile phone that requires an internet connection. All your subsequent activities on those websites and apps can also be seen by your internet service provider.

  2. Your internet service provider can collect all this data about you and may pass it on to a third party, which may get you into trouble.

Most good VPNs, including Tegant, can protect you against the second case by diverting your data through a secured tunnel. Nobody can see inside the tunnel; therefore, your activities remain entirely hidden.

However, some VPN providers don’t protect against the first case since they use public DNS servers. Your attempt in just trying to access those sites could leak, which is a breach of your privacy. Tegant uses private DNS servers that are hidden from the public internet and hence not accessible by your internet service provider. Only Tegant’s VPN users can technically access those DNS servers. Hence your privacy is 100% guaranteed in both cases when using Tegant VPN.


Speed is a critical factor when choosing a VPN. Users want the fastest speeds available, and also the most consistent - they don’t want random slowdowns during a big download. The reality is, however, that those big VPN providers throttle the VPN connection if it has been going at full speed for some time. They do this to prevent users from slowing down their servers by downloading too much data. Tegant VPN doesn’t come with such unfair restrictions. Instead, it takes a different approach through a load-balancing algorithm to distribute users equally among the servers to avoid congestion.


Not all VPNs are made equal. There are many different protocols used by VPNs, ranging from the unsafe (PPTP) to the most secure OpenVPN and Wireguard. Tegant is transparent about their utilised protocols. The free VPN servers use IKEv2 with high-grade AES-256 encryption. The Safe-Mode series uses a specially encrypted OpenVPN protocol, and the Ultra-Mode series operates a bespoke Wireguard protocol. Most other VPNs are not transparent about their encryption and this in itself can be problematic. Weaker protocols have been compromised previously by hackers and government institutions such as NSA and are consequently unsafe to use.


VPNs use servers to connect users to the Internet. It is important for VPNs to offer global servers and to spread users evenly among them to ensure good connection speeds. Another important factor is proximity. A good VPN offers its users the ability to connect to servers closer to their location to ensure faster connection speeds. Tegant solves this very efficiently by listing all their global servers on a single page. The servers are sorted by the average time it takes to respond to the user. That way, the fastest servers based on the user’s location will be on top of the list and easier to select and the slowest servers remain at the bottom of the list. Additionally, Tegant shows the utilisation of each server so that the user can make an informed decision. Selecting a less busy server will be faster when compared to picking a busy server.

With all that in mind, here are a few reasons why Tegant is a top contender for the best free VPN available:

Tegant Best Free VPN - British Perfection

British Perfection, German Engineering

Tegant describes itself as designed in the UK and powered by advanced German engineering. Founded in 2017 and located in London, Tegant is dedicated to complete transparency about the service they offer and the way in which your data is protected. They strive to be an open company that works with its customers instead of a faceless, obscure VPN service.

Fast and Smart

VPNs can be sluggish - not Tegant. Tegant allows you to stream and download lag-free on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. You can easily watch YouTube, Twitch and Netflix anywhere in the world with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. Tegant connects you with high-speed servers around the world. What sets Tegant apart from its competitors is its smartly-designed algorithms that spread out server traffic evenly to avoid rush-hour slowdowns. Other VPNs connect users to servers in a less controlled manner, leaving them prone to sluggish connections and random lags.

Serious Protection

Tegant uses cutting-edge VPN technology that protects you from DNS leak threats, unsecured public connections, digital pickpockets and government eavesdroppers. Tegant hides your identity so that you can browse the Internet and remain anonymous.

No Sharing - not ‘No Logs’

Many VPN services falsely claim to have a ‘no log’ policy. In reality, that is neither possible nor advisable. VPNs need logs to support customers in the case of any issues, and they help protect servers from hackers. Tegant is up-front about their log policy. They collect a minimal amount of time logs to enforce fair use policies and prevent fraud. But your online activity is never opened, analysed, or passed around and all logs are automatically deleted after thirty days.

Customer support

Tegant offers quick and reliable customer service, available through the in-app email support feature, with a turnaround time of a few hours. The company is dedicated to providing customer support for any issues without a long delay and does an excellent job of upholding its commitment.

No Config

With Tegant you can unblock websites without the hassle that often comes along with other VPNs. Tegant VPN proxy requires absolutely no configuration or setup and you don’t need to provide any personal data to sign up. You get immediate access without needing to struggle to get the software configured.

For all these reasons, Tegant is worthy of being called the best free VPN available. It is one of the greatest productivity tools available for your Mac, iPhone or iPad, especially for users facing restrictions that prevent them from using the internet in the way that they want to. Enjoy the freedom to connect with the world!