Unblock YouTube: Watch The Forbidden Content

Tegant unblocks youtube - Girl cheering for unblocked youtube Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Is there anything more annoying than the georestrictions on YouTube?

You want to watch a conspiracy documentary, see a funny video from comedy central or just listen to a song - and all the time it seems like exactly the content you’re looking for is blocked in your location.

By now, most people are aware that you can get around these georestrictions by using a YouTube proxy - services that provide access to YouTube by means of a proxy that circumvents the georestrictions placed on certain content. When you unblock YouTube in this way, however, you are using only one of a few options that exist to unblock YouTube sites - and maybe not necessarily the best one.

How do YouTube proxies work, even? How do they unblock YouTube?

YouTube is blocked in various countries around the world, or in some countries other types of content are blocked. YouTube does this for a variety of reasons, such as complying with local laws that see YouTube as a bad influence, or copyright laws that prohibit content from being viewed in the Internet without a paywall.

A proxy server is basically any system that acts as an intermediary between different servers. For example: instead of one computer/user/IP address accessing YouTube, the user accesses the proxy, which then accesses YouTube, gets the info and content from YouTube, and passes it back to the user. Proxies are set up to be able to access content without georestrictions, which allows them to get whatever content they request, and provide it to users who are in places where things are off limits. That’s how a YouTube proxy works - it doesn’t technically unblock YouTube sites, it just goes around them by using a server located somewhere else.

What are the other options?

Another way to unblock YouTube is to use a VPN - a virtual private network. People use VPNs for a variety of reasons beyond wanting to unblock YouTube. Some countries have Internet censorship. Other users want to protect their privacy and make sure no one is watching what they’re doing online. But let’s step back - how does a VPN work?

A VPN is kind of like a proxy server, only it uses a private network of servers located in certain locations, and adds further layers of security to those who use it (VPNs encrypt all of the user’s data and information). Users connect to the VPN, which then accesses content in the web - be it from YouTube or other restricted content. They also use it to guard their privacy.

Benefits of a VPN over a proxy

Proxy sites - including many YouTube proxies - allow users to unblock YouTube, but oftentimes they’re open services that lack security. Data isn’t encrypted, and the proxy works by hiding only your browser. Using them can expose users’ data, and leave them vulnerable.

Not all VPNs are made equal, but safe and trustworthy VPNs exist that can be used to access restricted content - including to unblock YouTube sites. VPNs work by encrypting data and sending it through a private network - adding an extra layer of security to your actions online. Once you find the right VPN, not only can you unblock YouTube - you can also surf anonymously, and watch restricted content without exposing your data and information to a proxy.

Tegant unblocks youtube - Gadgets show unblocked youtube

Unblock YouTube with Tegant VPN

Of all the VPNs out there, Tegant is one of the best VPNs - and it is one of the best services to use as a YouTube proxy! Here’s why:

  • Tegant has both an unpaid and a paid version, and unlike most free VPN services doesn’t set data limits or turn off content for their free version (you only have to watch an ad every few hours). This means you can unblock YouTube and watch as much as you want, safely and without paying anything!

  • Tegant is more secure than many YouTube proxies, many of which are insecure and questionable. It works by encrypting all your data, instead of just hiding your IP address and leaving your data vulnerable.

  • Tegant doesn’t just unblock YouTube - it also gives users the ability to anonymously surf the web without the risk of their data being stolen or taken advantage of.

  • Tegant uses some of the best encryption technology out there, making it a great option even among VPNs.

  • Tegant is also a company that values transparency and honesty about who they are, a rarity among the world of VPNs and proxy services. There are endless sites offering VPN services and proxy servers, and most of them are filled with ads, pop-ups, superfluous links, and even malware - Tegant is open about its policy of taking pride in being transparent and straightforward about who they are. Pretty cool for a VPN!

  • Tegant doesn’t share your data with anyone. YouTube proxies collect data about their users - and so do VPNs, as this is needed to protect users from hackers and provide their services. That’s not to speak as to what they do with your data, however. Many of the open YouTube proxies on the web might do anything with your personal information - and probably do as part of their business model, especially when it comes to free services. Following their transparency policy, Tegant is up front about collecting user data, but also commits to never pass it on to anyone else, and to delete it after a period of ninety days.

When it comes to unblocking YouTube and YouTube sites, the net is awash with options. One can always use a YouTube proxy. But, as we’ve seen, those come along with certain risks. A VPN is a safer option. And when it comes to VPNs, Tegant is one of the best out there - it combines unpaid access, security, reliability, and the ability to trust that your data and online activities aren’t being exploited.

In sum: when looking for a YouTube proxy, check out Tegant.