Tegant went live the first time on 17th May 2018.

We have come a long way since and have made many improvements. We have overhauled the design and provided global servers for premium subscribers. Video advertisement for free users is now seamless and pain-free. All these have increased trust in our VPN, and our user base is increasing every day.

We are a startup company that is growing steadily in a competitive market. We are a small team, which means our cost is lower. And that’s why we can pass on the price savings to our customers. We provide quality servers for half the price of what NordVPN would charge you.

Follow us on this journey, and we promise to share many exciting stories along the way.

German Engineering

What can Tegant do for you?

Tegant is a powerful VPN app designed to safeguard your online privacy. In light of what is happening these days with online privacy, you have to be more than ever vigilant about it.

  • Tegant is very simple to use and is German-engineered.
  • Tegant protects your WIFI against hackers and fraudsters.
  • Tegant gives you access to blocked websites and services on your iPhone/iPad – risk-free.
  • Tegant bypasses censorship when travelling.
  • Tegant bypasses geo-restrictions of Youtube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more.
  • Tegant is fast.
  • Tegant uses cutting-edge IKEv2 technology to protect your online privacy from prying eyes.