Bridging the Digital Divide: Accessible VPNs in a Censored World

Internet censorship is a growing issue, as several countries worldwide restrict their citizens’ access to information. Russia is the latest example, where well-intended world politics have led to unintended consequences. Western politicians argue that Russian state propaganda heavily influences the Russian population. However, the sanctions imposed have achieved the opposite, isolating Russians even further and leaving them more susceptible to state-sponsored news.

Similar issues persist in the Near East, with countries like the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia limiting their populations’ access to the uncensored internet. The situation is no better in the Far East, particularly in China, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Censored World Photo by Miles Rothoerl

Countries may block various services depending on their economic and moral stance towards their populations. These services include social media, telecommunications, international news, and banking apps. A VPN service can help circumvent these blockages, granting individuals access to the services they desire. Tegant VPN has an extensive story of assisting expats in the UAE in staying connected with loved ones despite WhatsApp and Skype bans.

Most well-known VPNs, such as NordVPN or Express VPN, do not offer a free VPN service, requiring users to pay upfront for premium access. Ironically, these very restrictions hinder the affected population from purchasing a VPN service. Tegant, founded in 2017, aims to provide uncensored internet access to those unable to afford premium services.

Achieving this goal is challenging due to the costs associated with maintaining VPN servers. Tegant has developed a business model offering both free and premium VPN services. Advertisements partially cover the free VPN service’s costs, while revenue from premium subscriptions subsidises the remaining expenses. Tegant provides free VPN servers in strategic locations worldwide, which have become extremely popular among users.

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