Tegant VPN on iPhone

Free VPN: Yes

Premium Server: Yes

Safe Mode: Yes

To connect, tap the start button.

While connecting, you can cancel by tapping the same button again.

When connected, tap the stop button to disconnect again.

Tap on the small button above the main button to see all available servers.

Tap on the menu at the top left to make these options available:

  • A list of frequently asked questions.
  • Request support by e-mail.
  • See announcements on our Twitter page.
  • Change Language.

When a premium subscription is purchased, you can switch it to safe mode or continue using it in the standard mode.

A premium subscription also enables you to access additional premium servers worldwide.

You can sign up with your e-mail address and login. This enables you to access additional servers and functionality. For example, you can use your premium subscription on multiple devices, once you log in with the same e-mail address on all devices.

If your premium subscription ever disappears, simply tap on ‘Upgrade to Premium’, scroll down, tap on ‘Restore Purchase’ and wait for 30 seconds until it’s re-enabled again.