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Reliable, Fast, and Secure - Tegant VPN is a name you can trust.

Get free access to blocked websites and services on your iPhone, iPad or Mac - anytime, anywhere.

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How to use Tegant VPN?

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Tegant Freemium screen when it is connected.

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on the start button.
  • Wait until connected and enjoy the free access!
  • Register for free to get access to more free servers (recommended).

Do you like to select other locations than Germany?

  • Tap on 'Upgrade to Premium' and subscribe.
  • Then tap on the country flag to change it.

Why use Tegant VPN?

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Get access to blocked websites.
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Watch geographic restricted blocked videos on YouTube, Sky Go, ITV, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, FoxNow, NBC, MTV, Spotify & more.
(The uploader has not made this video available in your country)
Safe use of Skype and Whatsapp via Tegant VPN.
Avoid eavesdropping of your conversations by the NSA or by governments like in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or China.
Tegant VPN allows you to see blocked social Media sites.
Get access to blocked social media in restricted countries.
Tegant VPN allows you to read blocked news websites.
Read international news that may be otherwise blocked in your country.


Tegant in full speed


Speed: Up to 1000 Mbps*

AES-256 Encryption

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Mac devices have free 650MB per month

$0/ month

Five servers to select in Germany and UK!


Speed: Up to 1000 Mbps*

AES-256 Encryption

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No traffic limitation!

From $3.66/ month

16 servers to select worldwide!

*Depending on your distance to the server and your maximum connection speed.

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Reliable, Fast, Secure

Tegant uses two cutting-edge VPN technologies to protect your online privacy from prying eyes.


Stay Safe

We use powerful industry-standard AES-256 encryption to ensure that your traffic cannot be intercepted - ever. This applies to both our free and premium subscriptions. We also encrypt our databases with AES-256 algorithm.

Additionally, we encrypt your password with most modern Argon2 algorithm. And we added two layers of firewalls to ensure total protection for our central system. We care about your data protection!


Bypass Censorship

When traveling, you may find that your hotel has censored internet access. This is particularly relevant when visiting or working abroad in a country with censored internet.

Unfortunately, this makes it highly challenging to access specific social media, news or gaming sites. Most are restricted or even forbidden. The good news is that the Tegant VPN Service masterfully bypasses these restrictions, without placing your anonymity in jeopardy.

Fast Server

Fast Servers

Each of our VPN servers is optimised to run on high speed fast hardware. It's ideal for watching online TV- or YouTube programs.

For watching international programs, we recommend upgrading to the premium service, so that you can select your preferred server location.

Guaranteed Speed

Speed Guarantee

Unlike most VPN providers who are inconsistent with their connection speed, we utilise a smart algorithm to spread the traffic evenly on our servers. The result?

We are able to guarantee a minimum speed per connection. In other words, your VPN connection will never slow down – even during the busiest of rush hours.

Online TV Streaming

Watch Geographic Restricted Videos

Conventionally, various copyright agreements mean that some streaming media providers (YouTube, Sky Go, ITV, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, FoxNow, NBC, MTV, Spotify) cannot broadcast all content outside of the UK or USA respectively. In other words, certain movies and shows are blocked to internet users outside the origin country.

This geographical enforcement works by reading your IP address and tracing it to its country of origin. Everything changes with the Premium Tegant VPN service, which manipulates your machine's IP address. No matter where you are in the world, the system will be tricked into thinking that you are browsing from the origin country – even if you’re not.

Public Wifi

Make Wi-Fi Safe Again

Most free Wi-Fi connections (StarBucks) are unprotected. As your data travels from your device through the air to the Wi-Fi-hotspot, it remains open to be seen by hackers and fraudsters.

This represents an easy and effective way for them to swoop in and steal sensitive information – such as your passwords and credit card numbers. They can even infect your device with malware. Tegant VPN, however, protects your public Wi-Fi connections – keeping you safe and sound at all times.

Made in UK

Made In UK / Germany

'Tegant' is a brand and product of Venus Cloud Ltd. Our company was founded in 2011 in London, United Kingdom. While we take pride in Tegant being 'Made in UK', we also value the German power engineering behind it.

Customer Support

Great Customer Service

Please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] at any time. We vow to respond to your query within just a few hours.

Do you have an issue relating to your account? No problem. Simply use our in-app email support feature so we can identify your account and assist without delay.



We remain 100% transparent as to who we are and where we operate from. We believe in delivering products of the highest quality, and are completely committed to service excellence. We hope you love Tegant just as much as we do.

Anonymous Privacy

Stay Anonymous

Yes, While the government, internet service providers and advertisers track your online behavior, the Tegant VPN service effectively hides your IP address. This ensures your anonymity, meaning nobody can track the websites you visit or find out where you are located.

Furthermore, we do not inspect your online activities. But we do maintain time logs/IP address of when you use the service to prevent fraud and to enforce our fair usage policy. We keep these logs for only 30 days and delete them afterwards automatically.

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We new friends!

Tegant's Mascot Tegant's Mascot

Tegant is a Latin word and a conjugation of tegō - meaning 'to cover' or 'to protect'.

For us, it’s more than just a word. It’s our promise to you.

We remain dedicated to protecting your online privacy through thick and thin.

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