Introducing The Ultra-Mode

Our mission to provide uncensored internet to everyone continues. It seems that in autumn 2021, Emirates Telecommunication found a way to slow down our VPN connection to its citizens. We like to view these challenges in a positive light, however, and regard all of these challenges as the reason to push ourselves to become ever more innovative. 

Ultra Mode - Glowing dragon Photo by braincontour

Tegant Ultra Mode

After three months of development, we integrated Wireguard VPN protocol into Tegant VPN. It certainly wasn’t an easy journey, but we eventually made it. The Ultra-Mode has superior connectivity (it connects to any server worldwide in less than 2 seconds) and it’s often even faster than the Free-Mode.

We named this new mode the Ultra-Mode. Now you have an alternative option next to the IKEv2 and the Safe-Mode (OpenVPN). However, we don’t see the Ultra-Mode as a replacement for the Safe-Mode, as the Safe-Mode has higher proven security. If security is more important to you, then the Safe-Mode might be the better choice. Last but not least, it’s always good to have more options.

Now you have three options!

More Good News

With Tegant 8.0.3 (January 2022) we have resolved the slowing-down of the Safe-Mode in the UAE. We solved it by changing the encryption of our VPN and were able to hide our tracks from their automated deep packet inspections. Every few months we will continue to do this and will stay a step ahead of them!

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