• Introducing A Stealth VPN Technology

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    We have been so successful, it seems, that on 7th July 2020, Emirates Telecommunication banned our VPN on their home broadband packages. We investigated, over many weeks, how we could mitigate the situation. We reached out to our users and...
  • Benefits of free registration and purchasing subscriptions!

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    Why should you register? What benefits would you expect from it?
  • How we made it easier to maintain the VPN servers without any downtime!

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    Previously we had a big challenge when it came to taking down a VPN server for maintenance. The users wouldn’t know that the server was down other than seeing a red status light. But a red light is also shown...
  • How we made Tegant VPN even faster!

    Thumbnail of fast racing car indicating a fast VPN.
    Many of our customers send us regular feedback about Tegant, which is extremely helpful to us and allows us to constantly improve the app. One thing we are often praised for is how fast Tegant is. This feedback has touched...
  • How do we ensure that the VPN itself is not blocked?

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    It is crucial that a VPN service changes its IP address regularly. Internet service providers and government agencies may otherwise realise that anyone with this IP address is using a VPN service.
  • Our Journey Begins...

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    Tegant went live for the first time on 17th May 2018. We have come a long way since then and have made many improvements. We have overhauled its design and provided global servers for premium subscribers. Free users can now...