Compare Tegant VPN With Other Providers

مقارنة بين Tegant VPN ومقدمي الخدمة الآخرين Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

When we began in late summer 2017, and entered the crowded VPN market, we were laughed at by friends and foes alike. “It will be an impossible task against the big players”, we were told. “Who would trust outsiders like us with their privacy and security?” we were asked. But we believed in our vision. Today we serve 50,000 iOS users per month and we have just released our Mac service.

So, how did we make it this far in the face of such disparagement? Well, we at Tegant believe in simplicity and in reliability.

We keep the user interface simple and easy to follow. We make the technology behind the VPN reliable and bullet proof.

We make this possible by engaging great designers. We follow the best practices in software development life cycles, and test everything thoroughly.

We can’t be always perfect, and we, like everyone else, make mistakes. But we have been able to create trust in our brand and in our friendly customer service.

Let’s take a look at several other aspects of what makes VPN great.

The foundation of a great VPN service rests on four main pillars: speed, stability, security and price. If any of these pillars weaken the entire service will crumble and fall. Let’s take a look at each of these aspects individually. Then we will describe how we are making a difference with our service and with our mission.


It doesn’t matter how fast your internet connection is - if your VPN service is slow, it will create a bottleneck and slow it down. We are constantly and continuously improving our VPN speed. More details can be found in our blog post here. We are always seeking out ways to create a faster VPN connection and developing methods to maintain it.

It is essential to point out that the upload rate is not as important as the download speed. Most of the time you will be downloading data rather than uploading it. Some good examples of this are watching movies online, using social media, browsing online photos or reading articles on the web. Hence the faster the download rate is, the better your overall experience will be. You can see for yourself just how well our servers are doing:

Tegant VPN Server Speed Tests
Test Device Located in UK - London
Tegant VPN Speed Test for United Kingdom London Server 1
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Netherlands Amsterdam Server 1
Falkenstein 1
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Germany Falkenstein Server 1
Falkenstein 2
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Germany Falkenstein Server 2
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Germany Nuremberg Server 1
Washington DC
Tegant VPN Speed Test for United States Washington DC Server 1
San Francisco
Tegant VPN Speed Test for United States San Francisco Server 1
Tegant VPN Speed Test for India Mumbai Server 1
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Singapore Server 1
Tegant VPN Speed Test for Japan Tokyo Server 1

As you can see, the servers produce a solid performance. The test device was able to maintain a maximum speed of 88 Mbps and the only reason that it could not increase this speed was due to its own network limitations and not because of the VPN.

Another important aspect of consistent speed is the ‘ping’. The ‘ping’ is the time it takes to receive a response back from the server. The shorter the waiting time is, the more responsive the VPN server will be. Hence it is always preferable to pick the VPN server with the lowest ‘ping’ in order to maximise performance. But please don’t relate the samples from this page to your own use, as they show the ‘ping’ to a test device in the United Kingdom. For example, if you are located in Italy, the server in Germany is much closer and has a lower ‘ping’ than the server in United Kingdom. As you can see, the ‘ping’ timing is related to the distance between your device and the chosen VPN server. In a nutshell, always try to pick the server with the lowest ‘ping’.


The stability of a VPN service matters for two reasons. If the VPN connection crashes, it brings more than just a bad user experience. In the event of a crash, the device would attempt to re-establish the connection without going through the secured VPN tunnel. This attempted reconnection would expose the real IP address of the user, and, hence, the identity of the user, which breaches your security.

One way to avoid that is to measure the health status of servers in advance, and remove them from the server pool before a technical failure takes place.

Another way to make the VPN service more reliable is to ensure that it is not exceeding its maximum operational capacity. In the latest version of Tegant, we have introduced a load-balancer to spread the VPN traffic evenly across our servers. The load-balancer ensures that no single server becomes too heavily utilised whilst others remain idle. Instead, the load will be distributed evenly over all servers.


Tegant uses a military-grade encryption called AES-256. Historically the US government used AES for protecting their secrets. Eventually, it became so popular that it turned into an open standard for public, private and commercial use. AES is a symmetric cypher, which requires much less computational power than an asymmetric one and this makes it the ideal protocol for large data transfer.

We also encrypt our database and our server’s hard disks with SHA-256, just to be on the safe side. And when users register with our service, we encrypt their passwords with the Argon2 algorithm, which is, in fact, one of the latest prize-winning encryption methodologies. We utilise two layers of firewalls to block all intruders and only allow our internal systems to pass through. We take your data security very seriously.


We at Tegant keep optimising our pricing model to provide the best value for your money. We keep the monthly subscription as low and affordable as we are able while providing you with the highest possible quality.

In this blog post we have explained in detail about the benefits and differences of both our ‘Lite’ and ‘Standard’ subscription models, and how the device activation works.

In short, we offer a ‘Lite’ subscription model that supports multiple iOS devices, but allows only one device to be active at a time, and we offer the ‘Standard’ subscription that allows up to three devices, including Mac or iOS devices, to operate simultaneously. Both of these subscription models lead to an advertisement free experience.

Compare the prices for yourself between Tegant and other VPN providers:

Price Comparison
VPN Provider 1-Week Plan 1-Month Plan 1-Year Plan (Monthly)
Tegant VPN (Lite) $1.99 $6.49 $3.66
Tegant VPN (Standard) $3.49 $11.49 $6.49
Nord VPN Not Available $11.95 $6.99
Express VPN Not Available $12.95 $8.33
CyberGhost Not Available $12.99 $5.99
Hotspot Shield Not Available $12.99 $6.99
HideMyAss! Not Available Not Available $4.99

Peace of Mind

Tegant is a UK based company with a friendly and approachable customer service team. If you should encounter any issues with your connection, we are here to help you resolve them quickly. You can try out our premium subscription for seven days, free of charge. If you don’t like it, you can cancel it anytime within those seven days, and you won’t be charged anything. You can always fall back to the free edition and use Tegant for free if you don’t mind receiving advertisement videos. You can, however, be rest assured that our advertisements are not personalised.

Our Mission

We have had many enquiries from ex-pats working in the United Arab Emirates, where essential communication apps like WhatsApp are prohibited and will be unusable without a VPN. We strive to help them to connect with their loved ones through Tegant VPN.

Our mission is to provide both free access to information and to help you uphold your right to privacy.

This mission statement isn’t solely limited to developing countries, but also developed countries such as the United States of America. On 3rd April 2017, President Trump signed a law to repeal the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) privacy rules. In other words, your Internet service provider is allowed legally to collect and sell your browsing habits to third party companies. These companies could use this data to create a personalised and targeted advertisement. They know what websites you visit, what you have searched for, what you like or dislike.

Therefore, even in the developed world, it is prudent to restrict access to your identity and to maintain your privacy.

The first step to censorship is to take away your privacy.

This is why we constantly endeavour to protect your online privacy.

Tegant VPN is available for iPhones, iPads and Mac. You may use the free version forever, although with the free version, you will receive advertisement videos. Or, you may subscribe to the premium edition, which is advert free. The premium subscription also offers you additional benefits, as outlined in this blog post.